Happy Baby Sleeping Korai River Grass Foldable Mat ( 60 X 91 cm) with 15MM Soft Foam, Fully Hand Washable

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  • Easily maintain and portable.
  • Sturdy Foam Base.
  • High life cycle fabric with soft cushion.
  • Compact in size and light in weight.
  • Luxurious with comfort sleep.
  • Vibrant color with amazing design.
  • Easily Fold able and carry able Any who Any where.

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Happy Foldable Sleeping Baby Mat ( for 2 to 10 Months Kids ) Korai River Cool Grass Chatai 2 X 3fit with 15MM Soft Foam, Blue Cotton Fabric and fully hand washable Eco Friendly and Useful product for love ones. The Mat can be easily carry. Cotton fabric gives a soft touch to their skin, which helps our loves one to be comfortable and get a peaceful sleep. Highly used Durable material with soft cushion for maximum comfort for the loves ones. Perfect product for gifting, special occasion. It can be easily folded and carried anywhere, anyhow due to this weight light. This Super soft Mat, made from pure organic cotton, also free from harmful color chemicals, keeps your love ones away from rashes and allergies. Luxurious mat bed is cozy, breathable and warm can fits both hot and cold climate weather conditions. Cool they body , and be clam, happy all the time. The Fabric comes with high life cycle, soft foam and with strong stitching. Easily Hand Washable, Hypo allergic and Reusable Product for your loves ones. Amazing product, available in wide range of attractive cotton fabric themes and vibrant color. Mat is made up of eco friendly cotton , which is super soft , breathable. It is completely free from Odor, smell . PRODULY MADE IN INDIA.

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