About Us

Kala Darshan Crafts Bazaar is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ offline and now online crafts store established in 2016 by the retail giant Future Lifestyle group.

We sell only organic products that are handmade by our country’s finest craftsmen. Our reach expands across the country through offline stores like Starbazaar, Hypercity, Reliance Mart, etc.

Kala Darshan is now focusing on Online Markets like selling our products on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. We have catered to thousands of customers all over India and now we intend on reaching every nook and corner of the country through online e-commerce mediums. Crafts of India are popular all over the world and we want to encourage the production and sale of organic handicrafts & handloom crafts all over India.

Our organic products include folding mattress with foam, bedsheets, pillows and pillow covers, eco-friendly matt, handmade mojdis, German Silver Jewellery, and more.

What we do?

Kala Darshan Crafts Bazaar provides a platform to manufacturers and producers of organic products to display their products to potential customers they otherwise would find difficult to reach. We are creating a bridge between consumers and handicraftsmen all over the country. We sell only organic products both online and offline. Our product ranges from folding mattresses with foam, eco-friendly natural grass made from korai grass, handloom bedsheets and pillows, handmade mojdi and more.

Our Mission

There are millions of craftsmen, small-scale artists and handicraftsmen, who do not have the right platform to earn the profit their products deserve. We at Kala Darshan Crafts Bazaar ensure bringing consumers the best quality organic items to you. Currently, we are focusing on the online market so that our products can be availed to areas of the country that do not have access to offline stores like Starbazaar, Reliance Mart or Hypercity.