Happy Folding eco-friendly Grass Mat, These natural, eco-friendly mats of Korai grass are made by Craftsmen and weavers across. Korai is a Natural Product – a sort of thick grass, grown locally for the purpose of weaving Mats. These mats are  Designed and produced for comfort & care,  as the Korai grass at the bottom is used to strengthen the mat and the soft foam inside covered with attractive printed cotton Fabric is used for comfort & care.

Korai is a natural product and is completely Fungus and bacteria Free which means it does not harm or have any kind of side effects to the human body. Happy Folding eco-friendly Grass Mat is used for multi-purpose such as the picnic, meditation/yoga, travel, home and much more.

Happy Folding eco-friendly Grass Mats are available is three different sizes (small, Medium, Large) and also available in attractive multi-color printed cotton fabric. Happy Folding eco-friendly Grass Mat is a lightweight foldable mat which can be carried easily along, without getting damaged.

Wooden Toys and hand- made goodies for all ages are carefully handcrafted with kids in mind. Choose from the variety of products such as rattles, custom designed for clutching hands, teething gums and curious minds. The lovely designs and attractive colourful toys will captivate & delight your kids.
Play different melodies with the colourful mouth organ, or get the wooden kids flute as their first musical instrument and encourage your child to create & experiment with their first musical sounds.
These wooden pretend play toys create a make-believe world that promotes creativity & imagination. They also help develop social skills, empathy, and vocabulary.
Help your child to develop adaptable and abstract thinking with puzzles and watch as they put the square piece in the square hole in the Shape-Board-Puzzle. Sit back and observe the Clock Jigsaw puzzle function as a self-correcting learning tool.

wooden toys From simple puzzles to  stacking rings and boards to unleash their imaginations on, these educational toys, gently nudge the child to try more.
Crafted with love & care, wooden toys are made from child-safe & natural material.